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Revaluation surplus [abstract]


Standard Reference: IAS 16 Disclosure (2008-03-01) IAS 38 Disclosure (2008-03-01) IFRS 6 Disclosure (2008-03-01) 

Presentation Views:

[822160] Notes - Revalued amounts, property, plant and equipment [by categories]

[823160] Notes - Revalued amounts, intangible assets [by categories]

[822260] Notes - Revalued amounts, exploration and evaluation assets [by categories]

Item Properties:

xbrli:periodType: duration

type: xbrli:stringItemType

substitutionGroup: xbrli:item

schemaURI: ../ifrs-cor_2008-03-01.xsd

prefix: ifrs

nillable: true

namespace: http://xbrl.iasb.org/taxonomy/2008-03-01/ifrs

name: RevaluationSurplusAbstract

info:creationID: 200806241028413499

abstract: true

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